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Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.23

Dear friends, Backgammon Masters update 1.6.23 will be available soon. In this update we paid more attention to stabilisation of online game. We fully reworked the network, found and fixed some critical bugs. This will improve internet game, reduce hang ups and disconnects.

We would also like to share our future plans with you. Currently we are developing new game systems. We will be adding an achievement system, new levelling system and quick opponent search. We haven’t also forgotten about your suggestions that we receive on a daily basis, therefore we are also working on changing the random number generator.
This is it for now!
Write your suggestions to us and notify us of any problems you might encounter. We wish you best of luck!

Change list for 1.6.23:
– New system of data transfer to improve internet game stability
– Fixed chat window freezing
– Minor interface changes


Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.21

Dear friends, we have finished the update 1.6.21 for Backgammon Masters. The key element in this update is a new timer system for the game. Now the timer works like this: additionally to the default time given per move (20 seconds), each player has a reserve timer for the whole match. The reserve time can be changed in game settings. Settings allow choice between 0, 60 and 120 seconds of additional time. We are confident that the new timer will add more dynamic to the game and you will grow to love it. We also fixed important bugs and added some small improvements. Full list of changes can be read below:

Change list for 1.6.21:

– Added global timer. Now each player will be given default time per move and also additional time for the duration of match. Once default time runs out, the reserve timer will be activated. If the player runs out of reserve time, the player loses the game. By default the reserve time is 60 seconds. In game settings it is also possible to select additional timer of 0 or 120 seconds.
– Added a timer display in notification windows for opponent’s surrender and doubling confirmation.
– Fixed keyboard display bug for iOS 9 devices.
– Fixed a bug which did not allow joining of tournament. From now on player will also get a notification of cancelled tourney if the player is already participating in another tourney at the same time.
– Fixed a bug which allowed to play against players in black list.
– Improved reconnection system during game interruptions.

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Backgammon Masters: 4 year anniversary!

We are happy to announce that our project has been running for 4 years! To celebrate 4th anniversary of our project we will have a special discount in our game Shop from 10th to 14th of September. Buy gold and receive a 50% discount. Act quickly, special discount is limited for a few days only!

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.20

Dear players, our project “Backgammon Masters” has been running for 4 years and today we are happy to announce version 1.6.20. Most changes are related to logging in the game. You can now use your Twitter and Google+ account to log in. From now on players who register by e-mail will need to confirm their e-mail accounts. E-mail confirmation is necessary to use all social game features: backgammon game, chatting, private messages, avatar uploads. Full list of changes is available below.

Change list for 1.6.20:

– Added login via Twitter and Google+
– Added option to confirm e-mail. E-mail confirmation is now required to access all social functions in the game
– Added option to change e-mail
– Added 1000 gold bets for money games
– Changed game design
– Fixed various detected bugs in game

Work with us!

2KB LLC is looking for a full time programmerto join our friendly team.

We are looking for someone who:
– Has experience in developing apps for Android  and iOS
– Is passionate about developing games
– Has good knowledge of Russian and English
– Lives in Riga or Krasnoyarsk, or is willing to travel

What we are offering:
– Competitive pay with possibility of increase  depending on performance
– Ability to participate in development of new and exciting games
– Flexible schedule, option to work from home

If you are interested send us your CV and portfolio
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Looking forward to working with you,
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Backgammon masters: update 1.6.18

Dear friends, we finally have released the regular update for “Backgammon Masters”. This update includes interface upgrades, making our graphics much more pleasant to the eye.
After numerous requests we added an option to delete private messages. Now you can delete any unwanted mails with one push of a button.
We also changed way ELO is calculated. Now ELO will no longer change if match ends in under 3 minutes. This change to determine ELO more precisely, filtering out matches where one of the players left the game or did not make a move. On average, one match takes from 5 to 15 minutes.

List of changes:
– Changed graphics interface
– Added option to delete messages
– Added 3 minute minimum match time limit for ELO to change
– Fixed various bugs

Backgammon Masters 1.6.16

In the new update we are continuing to update interface design. We also added an option to switch off chat channels.

  • Fixed crash upon entering online game
  • Fixed logical bug in game where both dice have to be used upon move
  • Added option to disable chat channels
  • Redesigned profile and chat sections
  • Improved German localization for the app

Backgammon Masters: 1.6.15

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We are happy to announce update 1.6.15. We fixed a few mistakes, changed in game messaging system and also changed graphic interface in the main menu. This update is beginning of larger planned visual changes in order to take Backgammon Masters to the next level.

Change list 1.6.15:

– Redesigned menu and shop sections
– Changed private messaging system
– Fixed bug with player name display in chat
– Fixed tournament bug with tour invite message not showing up in match results window

Backgammon masters: update 1.6.14

Today we released a minor update that fixes specific bugs in the game of Backgammon Masters.

Change list 1.6.14:

– Fixed bug in backgammon on first move which lead to cancelling of game
– Fixed bug where player did not get bonus upon registration
– Fixed several small bugs
– Fixed game crash