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Android beta test 1.7.70

Dear players, we invite you to take part in public beta test of the new app version for Android. Use the link below to join as a tester. Thank you for taking part! ?

Click here to join public beta test.

Hotfix 1.7.65 for Android

We published hotfix for Android-users.
It includes only fix of app launching crash.

Download Backgammon Masters 1.7.65 for free

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.64


  • App crush upon launch 
  • Bug which caused checkers and other board elements to disappear 
  • Bug which caused online game to crash 
  • Bug which prompted internet connection in offline “Practice” mode 
  • Keyboard glitches in the account login window 


  • ads display 
  • spam protection in main chat


Download Backgammon Masters 1.7.64 for free

Notification for Russian players

Dear players from Russia! You must be aware what is going on and that paid apps and in-app purchases in AppStore and PlayStore using bank card payment are not possible within borders of Russian Federation.

Fortunately, there is another payment method using mobile phone. It can be used to make purchases in AppStore (store for iPhone, iPad, Mac). If you haven’t enabled it yet, do so now.

We’ve prepared a tutorial below:

Firstly, open “Settings”.

  1. Tap on your account name.

2. Tap on “Payment & Shipping”.

3. Tap on “Add Payment Method”.

4. Tap on “Mobile Phone”

5. Tap “Submit”

If there are any added cards in the “Payment method” section, we suggest removing them, since you can’t use them for purchases anyway and they can prevent purchase via “Mobile Phone” method. To do this tap on each card and remove it.

Please note that current method works for MTS, Beeline, MegaFon и YOTA. APPLE documentation also indicates Tele2, but we haven’t been able to confirm it. Please try it out, maybe it will work for you. Please also note that upon making the purchase you have to have the necessary credit on Mobile Phone balance. Topping up mobile balance can be easily done in mobile application of any bank.

Thank you and stay safe!

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.62

Change list:

  • several cases of app crashing
  • players being erroneously kicked out of the tournament during the game
  • incorrect font display on some devices (especially Android tablets)
  • a sound bug when viewing ads
  • a bug where friend invite bonus was not fully credited


Download version 1.7.62 for Android for free

Backgammon Masters 1.7.60 for Android devices

? Dear Android ? users, we apologize for a long waiting, but currently it doesn’t depend on us. We made a temporary solution for those Android users who are experiencing a problem with the update. If you are one,  please, download the updated app from the link below.

Download 1.7.60 for Android for free

Here is a short instruction on how to install the app.

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.60

We are pleased to announce that work on update 1.7.60 is completed! ?

The update required lots of work and includes mostly technical improvements, which, while hidden from the players’ eyes, are incredibly important. Firstly, we developed a new mechanism for working with game resources (graphics, sounds) and updating them. The app has increased in size upon starting (when downloaded from the AppStore); however, it carries necessary resources. When connecting to the server, resources will not be downloaded fully, but only when something has been changed. This applies to iOS and macOS versions; for Android, nothing has changed.

We also added a new friend invite system. Now it pays to have friends! Invite friends and play together! The friend invite button can be found in two places: in the friend’s section of the game lobby and in the “Bonus coins” section of the shop. This section will contain all possible ways to get additional coins. We also updated the graphics of the shop. Hopefully, you will like it! For each invited friend who hasn’t played “Backgammon Masters” before, the player will get 1000 gold coins and the invited friend – 500 gold coins.

We also fixed tons of both major and minor bugs. We have improved the technical part of the project, preparing it for future updates that will enhance the gaming experience and add many new and exciting things.

We are always with you! Keep following the news. ?

Full change list for version 1.7.60:

  • The shop has been updated
  • Changed shop functioning
  • The “Friend invite!” mechanism has been updated. When adding a friend via the invite link, your friend gets 1000 gold coins, and you get 500. Each player can acquire up to 5000 gold coins by inviting their friends to the game.
  • Added friend invite section, which opens upon clicking the “Invite” button under the friend list and in the shop, where you can also acquire a friend invite bonus
  • Added notification window informing if the invited friend has entered the game
  • Updated the mechanism for updating graphical resources
  • Added initial graphic resources when downloading the app
  • Updated sound playback
  • Removed Bluetooth section and ability to play via Bluetooth
  • Fixed a bug affecting game speed
  • Fixed a bug upon opening a chest
  • Fixed bugs in the tournament notification panel
  • Fixed a graphical error in the tournament notification panel
  • Fixed error connecting to AppStore with disabled DNS
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect push notification processing
  • Fixed a bug in the shop with disappearing text on the Reward Video object button
  • Changed account linking section
  • Changed button animation
  • Fixed bug upon displaying the “Back” button
  • Fixed Facebook login
  • Fixed error when there is no data displayed in statistics
  • Fixed a bug where photo selection was blocked during account registration
  • Fixed a graphical error in the “V – Victory” animation
  • Removed network elements during practice game when there is no connection to the server
  • Fixed a graphical error in chat caused by the keyboard
  • Fixed a bug upon repeated pressing of the match view button
  • Fixed a bug in the text field
  • Updated font indents
  • Fixed sound notification playback when receiving a new message
  • Fixed a bug where the icon on the tournaments tab did not disappear upon disconnect from the server
  • Fixed app crash when adding a friend
  • Changed the behaviour of adding friends in chat
  • Fixed a bug with random special offer appearance in the shop
  • Added notification upon successful purchase restoration
  • Fixed temporary freezing of the app when logging out
  • Fixed app behaviour when turning on AirMode or turning off WiFi
  • Fixed a message when playing a gold game with a friend who has insufficient gold
  • Fixed crash when inviting a friend to a gold game
  • Fixed bug when connecting to Twitter
  • Fixed a bug due to which other people’s photos were mistakenly displayed in the chat
  • Fixed a bug displaying player’s photo in chat when the photo is pending approval
  • Updated account block window
  • Updated web browser windows
  • Fixed a bug when disconnecting during a practice game
  • Updated notification windows
  • Altered the left game panel
  • Updated stone background graphics
  • Fixed app freezing when linking to 2KB ID
  • Fixed bug in the text field when linking to 2KB ID
  • Fixed application crash when changing localisation
  • Added missing font characters for Turkish and German
  • Changed the greetings window after registration
  • Fixed application crash when clicking on the 2KB icon in the “Help” section
  • Fixed bug with overlapping background music
  • Updated articles in the “Help” section
  • Added “NEW” badge on new items in the store
  • Added a notification window when changing the name
  • Fixed text display in dice roll statistics

In macOS:

  • Fixed a bug where message didn’t get sent when clicking “Enter” if an emoji was selected

In Android:

  • Fixed crash upon updating picture
  • Fixed crash during shop purchase
  • Fixed a bug when starting the application in AirMode
  • Added preview of the uploaded picture


Download 1.7.60 for Android for free

Happy New Year of Tiger!

Dear friends,

The New Year is approaching very soon.
May Lady Luck cheer you in 2022.
And may your games be victorious, too.
Whether among friends or in solitude,
Allow for this moment to be joyful to you.
While we keep toiling to bring updates on cue.

All of us, young or old,
Wish for a miracle to unfold.
Join the game in online mode,
Find a gift for you to behold.
Let fun and warmth fill your home.
With thousand friends around the globe.

Warmest greetings,
The developers

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.53

We are glad to welcome you again! We have prepared an update that fixes many significant and minor bugs and also adds in-game notifications. We also improved the network protocol to improve the connection to game server. We are working tirelessly and preparing major changes for you in the near future. Enjoy the game!

Change list 1.7.53:

  • Improve network connection with the server
  • Added system message and friend message notifications. Notifications appear in the upper left corner on all screens and on top of all elements. Notifications will trigger sound and vibration. By default, notifications are enabled for all friends. Notifications can be disabled individually for each friend in the chat settings with that friend. In the future, we will add an option that allows disabling of all notifications altogether.
  • Removed ability to unlink account from social network or 2KB ID. This was implemented, because some players misunderstood the objective of this feature and lost access to their accounts. Now you can unlink your account from the social network or email (2KB ID) by contacting technical support.
  • Fixed bug upon clearing chat- Fixed incorrect notification bug during beginning of tourney
  • Fixed ad banner bug which in some cases prevented “skip” button from working
  • Fixed bug in gallery which prevented removing of a sticker or dice
  • Fixed notification bug for Mac
  • Fixed bug which displayed an empty statistics window
  • Fixed bug of game crashing from regular games if a tourney began. Now the player will get a notification to decide if they want to leave the game and participate in tourney.
  • Fixed a graphical bug upon resetting the name
  • Fixed a bug where the game lobby was loading indefinitely
  • Fixed a display bug on Mac when several monitors were connected
  • Fixed a Mac bug upon using arrow keys to navigate the cursor
  • Fixed minor bugs

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.50

Long awaited update 1.7.50 is here! We reworked the bonus system and now you will be able to get bonus more frequently! Authorisation system was also reworked, from now on logins are saved and synced across all devices belonging to same iCloud and Google account. You can play on one device and continue on another without wasting time logging in, from now on it will all be automatic. We also fixed various bugs.

In the near future we will add important and interesting changes that we have been working on for quite a while.

Change list 1.7.50:

  • iPhone 12 support
  • Bonus system changes. Bonuses can be acquired more frequently by watching ads. You can find bonus button in the shop
  • Authorisation system has been redone
  • Various small bugs have been fixed