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Happy New Year of Tiger!

Dear friends,

The New Year is approaching very soon.
May Lady Luck cheer you in 2022.
And may your games be victorious, too.
Whether among friends or in solitude,
Allow for this moment to be joyful to you.
While we keep toiling to bring updates on cue.

All of us, young or old,
Wish for a miracle to unfold.
Join the game in online mode,
Find a gift for you to behold.
Let fun and warmth fill your home.
With thousand friends around the globe.

Warmest greetings,
The developers

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.53

We are glad to welcome you again! We have prepared an update that fixes many significant and minor bugs and also adds in-game notifications. We also improved the network protocol to improve the connection to game server. We are working tirelessly and preparing major changes for you in the near future. Enjoy the game!

Change list 1.7.53:

  • Improve network connection with the server
  • Added system message and friend message notifications. Notifications appear in the upper left corner on all screens and on top of all elements. Notifications will trigger sound and vibration. By default, notifications are enabled for all friends. Notifications can be disabled individually for each friend in the chat settings with that friend. In the future, we will add an option that allows disabling of all notifications altogether.
  • Removed ability to unlink account from social network or 2KB ID. This was implemented, because some players misunderstood the objective of this feature and lost access to their accounts. Now you can unlink your account from the social network or email (2KB ID) by contacting technical support.
  • Fixed bug upon clearing chat- Fixed incorrect notification bug during beginning of tourney
  • Fixed ad banner bug which in some cases prevented “skip” button from working
  • Fixed bug in gallery which prevented removing of a sticker or dice
  • Fixed notification bug for Mac
  • Fixed bug which displayed an empty statistics window
  • Fixed bug of game crashing from regular games if a tourney began. Now the player will get a notification to decide if they want to leave the game and participate in tourney.
  • Fixed a graphical bug upon resetting the name
  • Fixed a bug where the game lobby was loading indefinitely
  • Fixed a display bug on Mac when several monitors were connected
  • Fixed a Mac bug upon using arrow keys to navigate the cursor
  • Fixed minor bugs

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.50

Long awaited update 1.7.50 is here! We reworked the bonus system and now you will be able to get bonus more frequently! Authorisation system was also reworked, from now on logins are saved and synced across all devices belonging to same iCloud and Google account. You can play on one device and continue on another without wasting time logging in, from now on it will all be automatic. We also fixed various bugs.

In the near future we will add important and interesting changes that we have been working on for quite a while.

Change list 1.7.50:

  • iPhone 12 support
  • Bonus system changes. Bonuses can be acquired more frequently by watching ads. You can find bonus button in the shop
  • Authorisation system has been redone
  • Various small bugs have been fixed

Happy New Year from Backgammon Masters!

Dear players, Happy New Year!

New Year is a special holiday that unites people, it brings hope of something new and exciting.

And a lot depends on us for what this year will bring.

Try to stay home and avoid large crowds, share your love with family and friends.

And as always – enjoy backgammon!

Backgammon Masters: variant settings

As you might have noticed there is a large variation of backgammon styles. In Backgammon Masters you can play backgammon, narde, nackgammon, old English backgammon and tavla. However in money games you can only play a few variants. To change online game settings you have to click on the green text under “Start game”.

In “Game Settings” section you can choose matching for several styles simultaneously. This means that server will try to pick an opponent who wants to play the same backgammon style.
If you chose several styles you should indicate priority. Server will try to pick an opponent in backgammon style with highest priority.

Good luck!

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.42

Change list:
– Added ability to spectate last and current game in challenge leaderboard
– Added Nardegammon (narde with doubling cube)
– Fixed app crash
– Minor changes in challenge window

If you have any issues installing the Android update you can download it from our website.

Backgammon masters: challenge rules

1) What is a challenge?

In “Backgammon Masters” each player can take part in challenges, a type of regular tournament where players compete for the title of the best player of the week.

Such challenges can mark various events such as Christmas or Day of the Project. Players compete against each other in money games during the week. Winner gets chosen at the end of the week.

You can find the challenge information and take part in the “Quick game” section of the game lobby. Click “Continue”, choose the backgammon variant of your liking and take part in the challenge! 

2) Challenge rules


Challenges are held every week. Challenge begins at 12:00 GMT on Monday and ends at 11:00 GMT next Monday when results of the challenge are published.

Registration is open from 12:00 GMT on Monday to 10:59 GMT on Sunday. You won’t be able to register if less than 24 hours are left until the end of the challenge.

Challenge games are open from 12:00 GMT on Monday until 9:59 GMT next Monday. You won’t be able to play Challenge games if less than an hour is left until the end of the Challenge.


Before clicking “Take part” you have to choose a backgammon variant. Currently challenges are being held in backgammon and narde. You can take part only in one variant at a time.

You have to pay a buy-in of 2000 gold coins for participation. After paying the buy-in the coins will be credited towards your Challenge balance. The games in Challenge are also held for gold and you are risking only the amount deposited. You can play at any time during the week.

After each game your balance will grow or reduce. If you are a beginner you should avoid higher bet games or else you can lose your balance really quickly. If your balance falls below 10 coins you won’t be able to participate in the Challenge games anymore.

However, if you don’t have enough gold for the next game you can refill your balance. To do this use the “refill” button. Refill will also cost the same amount – 2000 gold coins.

Don’t play high bet games if you aren’t confident in your abilities. Also if you start participation straight from the first day you will have a higher chance to rise in the “Weekly Leaderboard”!

Weekly leaderboard

During the challenge you can observe the competition in the form of a leaderboard.

Drag the Challenge board to see the list of most active players for the week. To get featured in this list you have to acquire lots of coins on your Challenge balance. The more you win the higher you rise in the leaderboard. You can find your current position in the “My position” field.

Leaderboard becomes available after at least 100 players have joined the Challenge.

Acquiring chests

In “Backgammon Masters” you can acquire magical chests which contain various fun cards, for example, golden dice or board stickers. You can use the cards to customize your board and surprise your friends and other players.

Collectable cards can only be found in chests. You can acquire the chests in challenges. Participate in the challenge, collect the necessary amount of gold and you will get a reward chest.

The indicator showing progress towards a chest can be seen in the Challenge window. Once the indicator is full you will see a reward chest available to collect. Open the chest right away and collect some wonderful rewards!

Open gallery to find all the cards you have acquired. Gallery is available in the left profile window.

Keep in mind that you can acquire only 5 reward chests per Challenge. Each next chest requires more gold to unlock than the previous one.

Remember that your losses are also taken into account. The more you lose, the less chance you have of opening a chest.

Chart below shows how much gold you need to acquire to unlock the chests:

  • chest 1 – 1500 coins
  • chest 2 – 3000 coins
  • chest 3 – 7000 coins
  • chest 4 – 20000 coins
  • chest 5 – 65000 coins

Keep in mind that each new chest will contain even cooler cards. What do you think you will find in the 5th chest?
What is even more interesting is the fact that cards in chests are based on themes which represent the current Challenge. For example, during Christmas you will find unique cards which are not available at any other time of the year.

Make sure to participate in themed Challenges since that is when you can find the rarest of cards!

3) Rewards

Winners are announced at the end of the week on Monday at 11:00 GMT. All the players who got into the leaderboard get back all the gold they won during the week and the first place gets a golden medal and their profile gets displayed at the honors board during the next challenge.

It’s ok if you are not online during this moment. You will see a notification with your results once you log in. Any rewards to winners will be given out automatically once the players log on.
If you participated in last week’s Challenge you can always see the results. Open the current Challenge and click on the “Leader of the previous challenge” button.

Good luck!

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.41

Change list 1.7.41:

  • Fixed bugs which caused game to freeze
  • Changed challenge system, now chests are being rewarded for the amount of gold won instead of just wins
  • Changed game lobby interface

Backgammon Masters: Holiday update 1.7.39 is here

Holidays are finally here and so is the new update for Backgammon Masters. This has been an interesting year as we have prepared a completely new and never before seen feature in game of backgammon – surprise chests that contain awesome decorations for your board, checkers, new dice and new emotes!

There will be various ways to acquire these chests. Right now you can try your hand at the weekly challenge, winners of which will be awarded with a chest.

In the year 2020 we look forward to further developing this system to make the game more customisable, unique and more fun to play. We believe the chests and sticker cards should add a new twist to the ancient game of backgammon and provide basis for more fun updates and cool events in the future.

Also, don’t miss out on our 50% gold discount special offer during the Holidays!

Change list for 1.7.39:
– Holidays and New Year is here! Let’s celebrate in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
– Try the new game mode – Weekly challenges! The idea of challenge is simple: winners get everything, losers get nothing. During the challenge for each 10 wins player gets a chest. What’s inside? Win and find out!
– Small changes in gallery section
– Added option to delete chat messages
– Bug fixes

Backgammon Online
Have a wonderful time during the Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.37

We are happy to reveal update 1.7.37!  We are holding a special event “Halloween” during which regular tournament winners will get a chest with a unique gift. From now on during each Holiday players will be able to win unique themed rewards just for the specific event. Players will be able to select the acquired stickers, dice and emotes to make their board and game more unique.
We also changed the background illustration for main menu and added a melody. We hope you’ll enjoy it!
There have also been several bug fixes which we received player complaints about.

  • Added a gallery section where players will be able to choose board and checker stickers, unique dice and emotes
  • Gallery will get filled with cards which players will find in reward chests
  • Event: Halloween! Regular tournament winner gets a chest which contains one of several holiday cards
  • Changed background image in main menu
  • Added background music in main menu
  • Added “Music” option in game settings to disable background music
  • Added option “Show stickers” during the game. Players who prefer a “clean board” can disable this option in right side panel during the game
  • Fixed bug upon entering game
  • Fixed logical bug which lead to freezing of game