Backgammon masters: update 1.7.37

by 2kbgames

We are happy to reveal update 1.7.37!  We are holding a special event “Halloween” during which regular tournament winners will get a chest with a unique gift. From now on during each Holiday players will be able to win unique themed rewards just for the specific event. Players will be able to select the acquired stickers, dice and emotes to make their board and game more unique.
We also changed the background illustration for main menu and added a melody. We hope you’ll enjoy it!
There have also been several bug fixes which we received player complaints about.

  • Added a gallery section where players will be able to choose board and checker stickers, unique dice and emotes
  • Gallery will get filled with cards which players will find in reward chests
  • Event: Halloween! Regular tournament winner gets a chest which contains one of several holiday cards
  • Changed background image in main menu
  • Added background music in main menu
  • Added “Music” option in game settings to disable background music
  • Added option “Show stickers” during the game. Players who prefer a “clean board” can disable this option in right side panel during the game
  • Fixed bug upon entering game
  • Fixed logical bug which lead to freezing of game

Download now:
🟢 Backgammon Masters for iPad & iPhone
🟢 Backgammon Masters for Android
🟢 Backgammon Masters for Mac