Backgammon masters: update 1.7.36

by 2kbgames

Update 1.7.36 has been released! Now you can communicate with friends with no limitations and for free! A new chat tab “Friends” has been added where you can choose a friend to open a private chat channel with.
You wanted it? You got it! Now you can play with your friends for gold.
We will be implementing some very interesting changes to the game in the nearest future which you will definitely like.

Chat with friend

Change list for 1.7.36:

  • Fixed a logical error at the end of the game which didn’t allow match to finish
  • Added ability to play gold games with friends. In these games Elo and experience cannot be gained.
  • Chatting with a friend is now free. A “Friends” tab has been added in chat- Unfinished messages are saved
  • Improved news feed format with images and polls
  • Player profile has been redesigned with added avatar