Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.0

by 2kbgames

Update 1.7.0 is here! In this update we have completely rewritten game logic. Now game logic is based on new principles which allow easy fixing of any issues in game rules if they occur. We fixed bugs in game rules which players often wrote to us about including a situation where the player is forced to use both dice. Now you can move checkers quicker one after another which improves game dynamics overall. Upon numerous requests from the players we have removed the reputation system which was not fulfilling its purpose. We also changed the font to better suit style of our game. Finally, we have opened full access to online game for all iOS apps. Invite friends and play online for free!

Full change list for 1.7.0:
– Changed game logic. Game logic is now based on new principles, which allow easy fixing of any game rule issues.
– Fixed bugs in game rules including the bug where maximum amount of dice points has to be spent. Now it is possible to raise the bet even if all spots are blocked.
– Online game is now free to play in apps “Backgammon Masters Free” and “Backgammon Masters HD Free”!
– Added option to take a photo from device camera. Improved player avatars in game, they are now in round shape.
– Improved game font.
– Added new window for beginning and end of the game.
– Improved interface design in various sections of the game.
– Removed reputation system.
– Added iPhone 7+ support.
– Added iOS 10 support.