Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.24

by 2kbgames

We are happy to announce that update 1.6.24 has been released and available for all supported platforms. In this update we changed the game menu. Now you will no longer need a confirmation from the opponent upon surrender, you can surrender a round at any time. We also improved the push notification system, which is especially important for tourney notifications in order to timely notify the participants. Additionally, we fixed lots of various bugs.

– The minimum Android requirements increased to 3.0
– Added push-notifications for private messages from friends
– Added local notifications (Mac)
– Disabled notification upon friend rejection or friend removal
– Badge on game icon and on mailbox now show amount of unread message groups
– Changed game menu interface
– “Surrender” button now allows to end the current round at any moment
– “Leave the game” button now ends the game and shows result window
– When a player surrenders, he loses 2 points except in cases when at least one checker has been borne off
– Upon initial roll dice is automatically cast once the timer runs out
– When timer runs out in a match of 3 points or more the current round ends, but not the whole game
– Minor fixes