Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.2

by 2kbgames

Dear friends, we are releasing a minor, but crucial update for Backgammon Masters. Additionally to fixing of critical bugs and making slight changes in the interface we have added something new.

First of all, we have implemented automatic reconnection for online games. It’s for cases where you switch the application off during the game, a disconnect happens or your battery dies. If you launch the application again you will continue the match.

Secondly, for players who like customisation it is now possible to change name color upon registration or upon reset of nick name. Color can be chosen only once along with the nick name.

Thirdly, we have once again reworked the checker movement system. “One touch move” has been removed from the settings and is enabled by default. How does it work? If a checker can move to two spots then everything remains as before. However, if the checker can move only to one spot then it will be moved automatically upon clicking or tapping. This is simple and saves time.

That is about it with the current update.
We hope you’ll appreciate it. Good luck!

Change list for 1.7.2:
– Fixed bug with checker blocking in narde
– Fixed bug in Hotseat mode
– Fixed bug in Tavla
– Fixed bug upon checker bear-off
– Implemented online game reconnection after app shutdown
– Implemented option to choose name color upon registration
– Improved interface during the game
– Improved checker movement during the turn
– Fixed various bugs