Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.2

by 2kbgames

We are happy to announce new version 1.6.2. of “Backgammon Masters”. We added a new game mode “One touch move” and we really hope that you will like it. We also implemented some interface changes and updated game rules.

Change list for 1.6.2:

– Main chat displays the number of active and total players in the chat room
– Main chat displays last 10 messages
– Doubling cube moves to the side which has the right to raise
– Added game mode “One touch move”. Click once on the checker to make it move. If a checker can move both with first and second dice then player can change the order of dice. This option can be enabled in “Settings” and is turned off by default.
– Added status indicators for friends upon inviting to a game. Red indicator – your friend is busy and not available for a game, green indicator – your friend is online and ready to play. No indicator – friend has not connected to the game and invitation is only possible via push-notification.
– Added notification in mini-profile upon changes in friends list
– Graphical interface changes
– Lowered price for friend list expansion 2 times
– Icons adapted for iOS 7
– Backgammon style is indicated upon inviting to a game
– Fixed bug in game rules. This bug allowed not to use both dice as required.
– Fixed bug upon calculating game results for a backgammon win
– Fixed various bugs and crashes