Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.3

by 2kbgames

Greetings, players! Update 1.6.3 will be available in the following days. We implemented several changes in various aspects of the game. From now on tournaments will be more frequent and all players will be able to see tournament notifications. We have implemented rating for tourney wins and winners will receive medals. We also fixed several crashes, bug upon tournament registration and an error in game rules.

Change list for 1.6.3:

– Tourneys now take place every 3 hours
– Player gets awarded a medal for winning a tourney. Medals are displayed in player’s profile.
– Added rating list for players by medals.
– Various event notifications are now displayed at the main menu (for example, tourney notifications)
– Added ability to view upcoming tourney schedule in the “Tournament” section
– Added option to transfer gold between friends
– Added “Options” button for chat where players can read game rules and change message color
– From now on local time will be displayed in news and tourneys (before it was server time)
– Improved design of certain game elements
– Added falling gold effect upon bonus
– As of now the maximum amount of money that can be won in internet game cannot exceed the amount of coins of either player (before this the win sum was limited by gold of losing player)
– Fixed bug in game rules related to bearing off
– Fixed tournament notifications bug
– Fixed various bugs and crashes