Masters of Backgammon update 1.5.5

by 2kbgames

hostgatorDear players, our provider Hostgator, on which we have our online server started reorganization of data center without warning us of potential problems that might occur. As a result during last two weeks we had lots of disconnection issues with the server. On 7th of August HostGator will stop providing all services, including game server for “Backgammon Masters”. Therefore we decided to switch to a new server. We released update 1.5.5 with changed server settings and also some bug fixes. The players who don’t update game until version 1.5.5 will not be able to participate in online game starting from 7th of August. The update is available for iOS and will soon be available for Android and Mac as well.

Change list for 1.5.5:

– Changed network settings for internet game
– Fixed bug in game rules upon taking checkers off the bar
– Added auto bearoff feature in narde