Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.6

by 2kbgames

rules_11@2xDear players, we are happy to announce that our game became one of the first to support DICE+. DICE+ is a white electronic game dice with transparent borders. The dice can be connected via Bluetooth to a device which runs our app. Each DICE+ roll is registered on the device. The dice has a few sensors to detect the rolls and their power and if the roll was unfair. One side can be moved to reveal a connection slot to USB for charging. The developers of this device, friends from Poland, have informed us that once you charge the dice you can play for 20 hours. The dice has 6 LED displays on each side and can display many colors. Playing with DICE+ in the evening is really fun! Be one of the first to order the unique DICE+ device!

Click to order DICE+

We are also continuing work on improvements of online game. We fixed a few game errors and added 18 new emoticons as recommended by players. In main menu we added game settings window (“hotseat”, bluetooth-game, GameCenter game).

Full list of changes for version 1.5.6:

– Fixed bug in game rules when moving checkers from bar
– Fixed bug with display of dice when “move confirmation” is enabled
– Changed settings interface. Game settings are brough to main menu
– Added emoji emoticons
– Added DICE+ support for “Hotseat mode”
– Tourney games are distinguished in spectator view
– In spectator view bet amount is displayed
– Before rolling dice are displayed as transparent
– In “Auto roll” mode the delay before rolling happens only when Doubling cube is available
– In games with “No running” option enabled a player loses 2 points (gammon) when timing out or disconnecting from the server