Masters of Backgammon: update 1.5.4

by 2kbgames

news_buttonDear players, we are announcing the next update for Backgammon Masters which is scheduled for release at around 1st of August.
This update fixes a lot of errors, some of them critical. Additionally to the fixes the game now features an “Auto Bearoff” feature, which allows you do bear off checkers from the home board automatically. In the future, we will do our best to publish a detailed tutorial on all game modes.
We also changed interface of the main menu. We hope that the new layout will be more convenient and players won’t have to look for the Help section anymore.
We have included a list with details of changes.

List of changes:
– Fixed error in game rules where checker has to move for the value of the biggest dice if no other moves are available
– Fixed error in game rules where checker has to move for the value of both dice if such moves are available
– Fixed bug in AI game. AI can no longer offer a bet when it is not allowed.
– Fixed bug in “Move confirmation” mode
– Fixed a rare bug, when AI could not make a move
– Fixed a bug with sound after a call
– Fixed crash upon creation of internet game
– Fixed crash upon saving of single player game
– Fixed crash upon saving of play stats
– Fixed crash upon closing the application
– Fixed crash upon launching application in OSX 10.8.4
– Fixed crash in internet games
– Fixed crash upon opening player’s profile
– Fixed crash upon opening the application
– In tournament table tournaments are numbered
– Improved mechanism of reestablishing internet games in online mode
– Changed main menu interface
– Changed game menu interface
– Added “Auto Bearoff” feature, which is activated once all checkers are in home board (except Narde). Can be enabled in options.
– Added notification of unstable internet during the game

Additionally, we offer every player an opportunity to test further updates prior to releasing them. Click here and follow the instructions to join 2KB beta testers team. Once you have added your device you will receive a notification e-mail once the update is available for testing.

We thank you all for supporting the project and wish you best of luck!