Backgammon Masters: update 1.5.7

by 2kbgames

Quick phrasesDear players, we are announcing the next update for Backgammon Masters which already available for free update.

Change list of update 1.5.7:
– Added quick texts for chat during the game
– Implemented system for sending of crash reports to developers
– Added notification of points that you will lose upon: surrendering, refusing a bet, quitting the game
– Upon quitting the game\losing connection the player receives a gammon lose (2 points) if no checkers were borne off
– A player can surrender when one of the players has all the checkers in home board. Surrender requires opponent’s confirmation. If opponent confirms surrender, then he wins. Otherwise, the game goes on. Amount of points lost upon surrender are calculated automatically and shown to both players
– Fixed crash upon game start
– Fixed bug in game rules where with all checkers in home board some moves are prohibited
– Fixed bug in game rules which allowed to use only one dice
– Fixed bug with emoticon selection (iPhone)
– Fixed bug with display of money games in spectators view
– Fixed bug with bet raise
– Changed some interface elements
– Fixed various other minor bugs