Backgammon masters: update 1.5.3

by 2kbgames

smileDear players, thank you for helping us develop “Masters of Backgammon”! Today we are announcing a new update which will be available to AppStore and Google Play users within the next week.
We listened to suggestions from the players. However, we could implement only a fraction of all suggestions. We will keep working and improve the app with the future updates.

The list of changes:
– Added standard Emoji emoticons for chat
– Implemented board check for possible gammon or backgammon in cases where game ends prematurely (opponent leaves the game,times out, declines the bet or surrenders).
– Doubling cube is not active for the player who doesn’t have the right to use it
– Added mode for move confirmation. Can be enabled in the options menu
– Fixed a bug with internet connection problem
– Fixed a bug with resuming of connection to the server
– Fixed graphical bug during the game on iPhone 5
– Fixed random placement of checkers when viewing online games
– Abolished bulletin board. In the future we will offer a better method of communication in “offline” mode
– Added rating system information to the Help section