Backgammon Masters: Update 1.7.120

by 2kbgames

We’re thrilled to roll out our latest update, which introduces a new leveling system to the game. Now, every active player can earn chests filled with content. All you need to do is play.

But what exactly are levels? In Backgammon Masters, levels indicate player’s experience. They allow you to gauge a player’s time spent in the game, which doesn’t necessarily reflect their skill level. The more experienced the player, the higher their level. Importantly, this metric doesn’t affect gameplay or rankings in leaderboards. Every player starts at level one.

As you play matches and complete tasks, you’ll gain experience, represented in-game by colorful stars. To advance to the next level, players need to accumulate stars. You can track your progress towards your next level in the profile menu.

The more you play, the faster you’ll gain experience. And with each new level reached, you’re rewarded with a chest containing exciting game content.

However, there are also a few limitations to note. For instance, new players will temporarily lose access to the general chat, tournaments, and competitions. This is designed to allow newcomers to gradually learn the game without distractions.

This system is being introduced into the game in phases, and in the near future, we plan to implement “Daily Quests.” Depending on your current level, you will receive personalized tasks each day that must be completed within that day.