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Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.9

Today we released a minor update which mostly affects tournaments. From now on each match on a regular tournament will have a limit until two points, which gives players another chance to win in case of a loss. Time per move was also changed. More details below.

List of changes:

– Quick “Sit&Go” tournaments are no longer displayed at the lower part of the tournament menu, only regular tournaments.
– 64 player limitation has been removed from regular tournaments. Now any amount of maximum players can register for a tournament, however the minimum amount is limited to 32 participants. If there are only less than 32 people registered for the tournament, it will be cancelled.
– Each match in regular tournaments now lasts until 2 points. This means that each player has a way to regain lead by winning with 2:1 and progressing to the next tour. Bet cube in tournaments is now available and the winning mode (backgammon, gammon) affects points at the end of the game.
– Changed time per move for quick “Sit&Go” tournaments and regular tournaments. Just like stated in international rules there are only 12 seconds per move right now and additional time (red timer) which is allocated for the whole match (all rounds in a game between two players). For quick “Sit&Go” tournaments this time is 2 minutes, for regular tournaments – 4 minutes, since in regular tourneys game lasts until two points. This way tournament games will become faster. Allocate your time wisely so you have enough additional time for the entire match.
– “Time” field has been added to the readiness window. First value indicates green timer (time per move which refills), second value indicates the red timer (additional time for the whole match that doesn’t refill).
– Fixed a bug in player readiness window with “Ready” button not always working
– Tour number, point limit and current score is now displayed on the left side of the board
– Removed holiday theme
– Fixed bug in game logic
– Fixed minor bugs
– Fixed launch bug on OS X versions under 10.10

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.8

Update 1.7.8 is finally available! We have finished long and complicated work on improving the game boards. All 6 boards have been reworked, textures and detail have been improved. We added slots to left side of the boards where a player can place their checkers in narde. Stone board was removed from the game and instead of it we implemented a new wooden board.

From now on green dots next to checker slots will indicate possible moves. To disable them you have to untick “tips” in game settings. We believe many will appreciate this new feature especially beginner players. We also improved the highlight of possible moves.

Another feature now allows to move the game board to each side. Moving the board to the left reveals a panel with player information, current bet and the timer. Moving the board to the right reveals game options which affect gameplay. This allows displaying the board in full screen.

In final we have added a Holiday theme to add some festive mood to our tavern.

Change list for 1.7.8:

– Added Christmas theme
– All boards and checkers have been graphically improved. Try out your favourite board and marvel at the new graphics!
– Improved detail of boards for high resolution screens
– Added green spot indicators to show which checkers can be moved. This will prove convenient for many players and allow making faster moves.
– From now on game options are located at the right side of the board. Drag the board to the left or click the popup button on the right side to view them.
– Player, bet and time information is located at the left side of the board.
– Basic animation speed is now slightly faster and the game speed can no longer be modified in option
– Updated the game settings window
– Added new emojis
– Changed game logic upon bearing off checkers
– Fixed game logic bugs and also bugs which lead to app crashing

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.6

We are happy to announce the new update for Backgammon Masters. Additionally to fixing various bugs we also added a feature that allows viewing game replays. Now you can repeatedly watch replays of your games to analyse and improve. You can also spectate and watch replays of tournament games. In future versions of the app we plan on adding a feature to share these replays with other players in chat. To better illustrate important changes we added a notification window upon app launch. Hopefully this will clear up questions regarding new features.

New replay function

In the “Last match” window which is accessible from the main menu or after clicking the “Statistics” button at the end of each game we added a seed number for the generated dice. What does it mean? Read details on dice generation here. Using this Seed you can check the sequence of your dice rolls on our website. They have to match! As a reminder – we are using Mersenne Twister random number generator for our app.

There is another positive change – we have updated the game icon. We hope you will like it.

Change list:
– Added option to view finished games with ability to adjust time and speed of the replay
– Added replay option to “Game history” section
– The tournament section now has option to view finished games
– Last match window now displays Seed for the generated dice
– New logo for the app
– iOS 11 support for iPhone 8, iPhone 8+, iPhone X
– Added screen flipping depending on the app orientation for Android
– Fixed critical bugs

Important information!

We have removed “Backgammon masters HD” and “Backgammon Masters HD Free” from AppStore and have stopped support for these apps. Instead of this we have implemented transfer for current users to restore purchases in the “Backgammon Masters Online” app. If you have installed “Backgammon Masters HD” or “Backgammon Masters HD Free” version 1.7.4 launch it and try logging in to online game. You will see information on how to proceed. We suggest all players to follow the instructions in this window and install the other app, since you will not be able to play online game via “Backgammon Masters HD” and “Backgammon Masters HD Free”. See you in the game!

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.5

Backgammon Masters 1.7.5 Dear friends, the time has come again when a new version of Backgammon Masters has been uploaded to AppStore and Google Play and patiently waiting for a release. Let us tell you what new and interesting features you will find in this version. Starting from the interface. The game will no longer have divided sections for single player and online game. To enter the lobby click the “Play” button as usual and witness selection between both game modes. Furthermore, certain online game elements such as chat and profile icon will be available in both modes. You can now easily play against AI while participating in the chat. If you follow tournaments then from now on you will be able to spectate current active games in each tournament’s section. In the future we plan on enabling these spectator options for historical games as well.

Along with the interface changes several critical bugs such as crashes have been fixed to make the game more stable.
This update is the first step towards grand changes. Step by step we will keep adding more and more functionality. And thanks to your continuous support Backgammon Masters will be able to become favoured by many backgammon players world wide!

Change list:
– Improved interface. Game against AI and online game have been combined into one window
– Added tourney game spectating option in the window of the ongoing tournament
– Added Bluetooth game for Mac
– Fixed critical bugs

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.3

Update 1.7.3. is available! We fixed a bug in narde rules which allowed blocking of all 15 opponent’s checkers. We listened to your requests and brought back the previous checker control mechanic with slight alterations. We also implemented some design changes. Work on updates goes on and we will let you know our future plans soon.

Change list:

– Brought back one touch move option with slight changes
– Minor changes in animation of checker movement
– Fixed bug in narde where it was possible to block all 15 of opponent’s checkers
– In narde “Home gammon” is no longer possible (according to rules of Narde Federation)
– Slight interface changes
– Fixed the bug with limited friend display in the lobby invitation window

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.2

Dear friends, we are releasing a minor, but crucial update for Backgammon Masters. Additionally to fixing of critical bugs and making slight changes in the interface we have added something new.

First of all, we have implemented automatic reconnection for online games. It’s for cases where you switch the application off during the game, a disconnect happens or your battery dies. If you launch the application again you will continue the match.

Secondly, for players who like customisation it is now possible to change name color upon registration or upon reset of nick name. Color can be chosen only once along with the nick name.

Thirdly, we have once again reworked the checker movement system. “One touch move” has been removed from the settings and is enabled by default. How does it work? If a checker can move to two spots then everything remains as before. However, if the checker can move only to one spot then it will be moved automatically upon clicking or tapping. This is simple and saves time.

That is about it with the current update.
We hope you’ll appreciate it. Good luck!

Change list for 1.7.2:
– Fixed bug with checker blocking in narde
– Fixed bug in Hotseat mode
– Fixed bug in Tavla
– Fixed bug upon checker bear-off
– Implemented online game reconnection after app shutdown
– Implemented option to choose name color upon registration
– Improved interface during the game
– Improved checker movement during the turn
– Fixed various bugs

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.0

Update 1.7.0 is here! In this update we have completely rewritten game logic. Now game logic is based on new principles which allow easy fixing of any issues in game rules if they occur. We fixed bugs in game rules which players often wrote to us about including a situation where the player is forced to use both dice. Now you can move checkers quicker one after another which improves game dynamics overall. Upon numerous requests from the players we have removed the reputation system which was not fulfilling its purpose. We also changed the font to better suit style of our game. Finally, we have opened full access to online game for all iOS apps. Invite friends and play online for free!

Full change list for 1.7.0:
– Changed game logic. Game logic is now based on new principles, which allow easy fixing of any game rule issues.
– Fixed bugs in game rules including the bug where maximum amount of dice points has to be spent. Now it is possible to raise the bet even if all spots are blocked.
– Online game is now free to play in apps “Backgammon Masters Free” and “Backgammon Masters HD Free”!
– Added option to take a photo from device camera. Improved player avatars in game, they are now in round shape.
– Improved game font.
– Added new window for beginning and end of the game.
– Improved interface design in various sections of the game.
– Removed reputation system.
– Added iPhone 7+ support.
– Added iOS 10 support.

Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.24

We are happy to announce that update 1.6.24 has been released and available for all supported platforms. In this update we changed the game menu. Now you will no longer need a confirmation from the opponent upon surrender, you can surrender a round at any time. We also improved the push notification system, which is especially important for tourney notifications in order to timely notify the participants. Additionally, we fixed lots of various bugs.

– The minimum Android requirements increased to 3.0
– Added push-notifications for private messages from friends
– Added local notifications (Mac)
– Disabled notification upon friend rejection or friend removal
– Badge on game icon and on mailbox now show amount of unread message groups
– Changed game menu interface
– “Surrender” button now allows to end the current round at any moment
– “Leave the game” button now ends the game and shows result window
– When a player surrenders, he loses 2 points except in cases when at least one checker has been borne off
– Upon initial roll dice is automatically cast once the timer runs out
– When timer runs out in a match of 3 points or more the current round ends, but not the whole game
– Minor fixes

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