Backgammon Masters Web Store

by 2kbgames

Dear friends, Backgammon Masters has become even more accessible. During these turbulent times one might want to keep using their favorite services and games. Therefore, we are announcing web-version of Backgammon Masters which will become available in the near future. Currently web version is under development, however as of now you can already start using the online Shop which has been integrated in the game and will allow refilling your account balance on any platform. Let’s figure out how to do it step-by-step.

  1. Open the following link:
  2. You will see the game login window. Use the same type of login that you use in the game.
    backgammon masters login
  3. You will see your user account profile. Click on Refill balance
    backgammon masters logged in
  4. Choose the amount of coins you wish to purchase for your account.
    backgammon masters shop
  5. You will see our partner XSOLLA window with various methods of payment which are available in your country.
    backgammon masters shop
  6. In the next step follow instructions for the selected payment method. After making the payment you will be automatically returned to your profile page. The gold coins will be automatically credited within the game. You will see the updated balance in your profile page. If it doesn’t change, please refresh the page. Enjoy the game! 🥳

Download now:
🟢 Backgammon Masters for iPad & iPhone
🟢 Backgammon Masters for Android
🟢 Backgammon Masters for Mac