Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.21

by 2kbgames

Dear friends, we have finished the update 1.6.21 for Backgammon Masters. The key element in this update is a new timer system for the game. Now the timer works like this: additionally to the default time given per move (20 seconds), each player has a reserve timer for the whole match. The reserve time can be changed in game settings. Settings allow choice between 0, 60 and 120 seconds of additional time. We are confident that the new timer will add more dynamic to the game and you will grow to love it. We also fixed important bugs and added some small improvements. Full list of changes can be read below:

Change list for 1.6.21:

– Added global timer. Now each player will be given default time per move and also additional time for the duration of match. Once default time runs out, the reserve timer will be activated. If the player runs out of reserve time, the player loses the game. By default the reserve time is 60 seconds. In game settings it is also possible to select additional timer of 0 or 120 seconds.
– Added a timer display in notification windows for opponent’s surrender and doubling confirmation.
– Fixed keyboard display bug for iOS 9 devices.
– Fixed a bug which did not allow joining of tournament. From now on player will also get a notification of cancelled tourney if the player is already participating in another tourney at the same time.
– Fixed a bug which allowed to play against players in black list.
– Improved reconnection system during game interruptions.

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