Backgammon Masters: update 1.6.6

by 2kbgames

Version 1.6.6. is available for updating for iOS, Mac and Android! Now all players have access to private messaging system and notifications. You are able to send private messages to your friends even if they are offline. We also fixed several critical bugs in terms of game logic, which often lead to game crashing. Full list of changes is below. Good luck!

Change list 1.6.6:

– Added private message system between friends. Private messages are available in the mailbox. Private message can be sent in two ways. First method: click on a friend in chat and on the profile choose “Options->Send Mail”. Second method: click on the feather button in mailbox and choose a friend.
– Added notifications to players upon receiving gold from friends and upon getting a mute from the moderators.
– Added notification upon being late for a tourney
– Added the “rope” back. It opens the news board and mailbox.
– Fixed checker selection bug for Android
– Fixed critical bug in game rules upon bearing checkers of the board
– Changed algorithm upon counting a victory in case of opponent declining a raise. Now a chance of “Gammon” victory is being taken into account
– Slight interface changes