Next update for Masters of Backgammon

by 2kbgames

Dear masters of backgammon! We would like to inform you regarding some details of the next update 1.4.7, which we will be releasing after a week. We did our best to implement even more functionality in the game, making the game play experience much more stable and enjoyable.

First of all, we decided to add a global chat which will be available at all times. In chat you will be able to communicate with other players straight from the main menu and even from the game lobby. As you enter a game the chat will have an additional tab in order to communicate with your opponent. The chat will also allow you to observe other players and even see their level, about which we will explain a bit later. The future updates will also include ability to send private messages.

We are constantly listening to your suggestions and requests. In update 1.4.7 we will include online match statistics for games played via game lobby. In the future all online server statistics will be available in game. Furthermore, you will have the ability to check your rating according to the ELO system. What does it mean?

You can read more about ELO ratings at Wikipedia.

We decided to implement rating calculations by ELO system analogically to how it is implemented in FIBS, however in Masters of Backgammon ELO rating will begin from zero. This allows us to separate players with different ELO ratings by levels. Currently there are 7 levels. In order to achieve the highest level in the game you have to accumulate 1800.0 points. We would like to remind you that in 1999 Garry Kasparov achieved record rating of 2851 points by the exact same method. You will be able to see your ELO rating and level at your profile. In the gaming lobby you will also be able to find an opponent according to specific level. The update will be released very soon. Stay tuned for more news!