Tournaments: questions and answers


What are tournaments and what is their purpose?

Tournament – a collective competition of players in the respective style of backgammon. The winner of the tournament can be proudly called the best player. Tournament in backgammon is needed just like in any sport – to find out the best backgammon player.

What does the winner get and what are the prizes?

The winner of the tournament gets respect and honor of the player community. The winners name is listed in the “Tournaments” section. Additionally, the winner gets 80% of the whole sum invested by all participants of the tournament.
In future updates more rewards will be added such as  cups and medals.

Participants: no more than 8
1st place – 60%
2nd place – 40%

Participants: 8 to 16
1st place – 50%
2nd place – 25%
3rd, 4th places – 12.5%

Participants: 16 to 32
1st place – 40%
2nd place – 20%
3rd, 4th places – 10%
5th to 8th place – 5%

Participants: 32 to 64:
1st place – 33%
2nd place – 16%
3rd, 4th place – 8.86%
5th to 8th place – 4.16%
9th to 16th place – 2.08%

Awards such as cups and medals will be added later.

In what backgammon styles tournaments are being held?

During the beta test phase the tournaments will be held only in two most popular game styles – backgammon and narde. It is possible that in the future tournaments will also be introduced for less popular styles such as tavla and nackgammon.

What variations of tournaments are there?

The tournaments will be separated in daily tournaments (maximum participant count of 32 or 64) and weekly tournaments (128 participants).

When are tournaments hosted?

Currently tournaments are in stage of beta testing, therefore we don’t yet have a strict schedule for the tournament time. Currently it has been decided to hold tournaments at both 21.00 Moscow time and 21.00 by New York time.  However, we would like to remind everyone that we are listening to all recommendations of the players regarding the optimal time for holding of tournaments.

How to participate in a tournament?

Click on the “Tournaments” section in game lobby. You will see all the previous and upcoming tournaments. Upcoming tournaments will be seen 6 hours before the beginning of the daily tournament and 1 day before the weekly tournament. If there are any tournaments available for registration you will most likely see something similar to this image:

After clicking the “Register” button it will change to “Cancel”. This means that you can cancel the registration submission and receive the participation fee back. However, once you cancel the registration submission, you will not be able to register at the particular tournament again.

I have registered, what now?

Now you have to wait for the tournament to start. This does not mean that you have to spend all the time in the tournament lobby. You can quit the game and go on with your daily chores and then return to lobby just before the tournament.

Does the tournament still start if the member list is not full?

Yes, the tournament starts even if maximum number of participants isn’t reached. However, this rule does not apply when only 1 person has registered. In that case the tournament is cancelled.

The tournament has started, what now?

Once the tournament has started, you will see its status change. There will be an indication for “Waiting for tournament to start”. This status indicates that the tournament has begun and opponents are being assigned for the participants. This won’t take long and soon you will see a “Play” button. Click the button and confirm that you are ready. If the opponent isn’t late, the match will begin.

What if I’m late?

If you are late, then the opponent gets a technical victory and you get a technical loss. This means that the tournament is over for you.

How many tours are in the tournament and which ladder system is used in the tournaments?

The tour count depends on how many participants have applied. The tournaments follow this system: you win – you proceed to the next tour, you lose – the tournament ends for you.

I won!

If it was not the final match, then after you have won you have to return to “Tournaments” section of the lobby. You will see text “Awaiting for tour to start”. After all players finish their matches, the new tour will begin. If you won the final match, then you will hear sound of coins being deposited and a notice will appear congratulating you.

I lost…

Unfortunately, the tournament ends for you. Don’t worry, you will be able to try again the next day!

Tour started, but I still see the “Awaiting tour start” message. Why?

Not all players get an opponent. An odd number of players can register for the tournament. If this happens, then one participant does not get an opponent. This is why he gets a technical victory proceeds to the next tour. This can also happen in the following tours if the number of participants is an odd number.

This means that you proceed to the next stage without playing a match.

What things should all tournament participants know?

First and foremost – you have to be in the lobby’s “Tournament” section since the beginning til the end of the tournament. You will have to click the “Play” button and always confirm that you are ready. We will later add more notifications for the players during the tournament.
Currently the tournaments are running in an open beta-test phase. This means that we will listen to all recommendations for the players and do our best to fix any bugs. For this you have to write with details to our support e-mail


2KB Team wishes you many victories in “Backgammon Masters” tournaments