Backgammon Masters update 1.7.26

by 2kbgames

We are pleased to announce a landmark update 1.7.26, which is about to change the game forever!

We have implemented an automatic opponent matchmaking system so you won’t have to choose with whom to play, but will be automatically given a random opponent.

You can still choose to play with a specific player, but only in friend games. In the nearest future we will add a levelling system. Follow our news and updates!

We removed boards from the shop, since now they are available to all the players and each bet has a corresponding board. The chosen bet is being reduced every 20 seconds to speed up matching with an opponent. You can vote on your favorite boards here.

We have also updated the chat to be full screen and include more text. From now on in chat each player is displayed with their avatar next to the message. We have also combined emotions and quick phrases in a single section as an additional tab in chat.

Previously quick phrases were not convenient to use, you had to open chat to read the message. Now quick phrases are displayed immediately next to the players avatar. We hope you will appreciate this update.

These are the major changes, full change list can be seen below. We are happy to work on this project and hope to release more exciting updates in the future.

Enjoy the game!

Change list 1.7.26:
– Implemented automatic opponent matchmaking
– Each bet now has an appropriate board
– Tournaments are now held on a different board
– Rematch in gold games against a single player is available only one time. Meaning
– Two players can play a gold game against each other only two consecutive times
– Level system has been abolished and starting Elo is now equal to 1500. Elo has been recalculated for each player
– Added option to invite a player to friends after a game
– Added sounds for emotes
– Chat has become full screen to make it easier to communicate
– Quick phrases and emotes are now on a single screen
– Disabled game chat between opponents in gold games and tournaments. Communicating with opponent is possible via quick phrases and emotes. If you want to have a chat with your opponent add them to friends, since chat is available in friend games
– Emotions and quick phrases now appear next to player’s avatar
– Removed boards from the shop. All boards are available to all players depending on the bet
– Added some new emoji
– Minor graphical changes
– Minor changes