Dice fairness issue

by 2kbgames

We decided to write an article on how dices are generated in “Backgammon Masters”. Recently we started receiving many complaints from players, asking to “fix” the random dice generator. Many players expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that dice in game aren’t being rolled like in real backgammon. Some players tried to convince us that the opponent gets the best combinations and asked us to remove this function. Naturally, many players complained about doubles. We were recommended to remove the frequent doubles so the game is more realistic.
But how are dice really generated? It’s all very simple. There are no tricks, bindings to specific players or positions and dice numbers are completely random. A random number from 1 to 6 is generated for every dice roll. The numbers are generated using random number algorithm Mersenne twister. This algorithm is used in many programs (for example, GNU Backgammon) and is one of the best ones, capable of generating an endless sequence of random numbers. We tested the system and generated 1 billion values. After this it was obvious that the chance of getting every dice combination is equal and that these values are completely random.
Naturally, we assumed that many players will not be satisfied with such explanation and created a special function in the game that lets you check the dice generation. Since version 1.5 a new way of checking dice randomness was added to “Backgammon Masters”.
Note: The current option is available only for online games.
Click here (https://2kbgames.com/backgammon/rolls_en.html) for instructions on how to check fairness of dice.
The idea of the method is the fact that upon finishing the game you can check the list of all dice rolled throughout the game and compare the values with the sequence of dice generated on our site. By comparing the values you can confirm that dice rolls are honest and being generated according to the algorithm. The same Mersenne twister algorithm is being used both in game and on our site.
We hope that this detailed post has provided you with extensive information on how random dice generation occurs in “Backgammon Masters”.
We would like to remind you that game of backgammon is a mix of both luck and skill.
Thank you for your attention and we wish you many successful games!