Backgammon masters: update 1.4.13

by 2kbgames

Dear backgammon masters! We are happy to announce the release of update 1.4.13, which will be available for download during the week. The main feature of this update – improved stability of online games.


  • Fixed bug with move undo
  • Fixed bug with counting of borne off checkers for the match
  • Fixed bug with doubling during game against AI in backgammon
  • Fixed bug with board change during online game
  • Fixed bug with password length in online games
  • Fixed bug with joining a password protected online game
  • Fixed game hang up during online games
  • Changed time out system for online games, allowing to play with unstable internet
  • Ability to view game time in players mini-profile
  • Ability to view city in players mini-profile
  • The side panel no longer displays at the beginning of the game. To open it one must press the side button
  • Added indication to show which side is making the move
  • “City” field was added in players profile
  • Surrender is only possible when all of opponents checkers are in home
  • Added server restart notification
  • Game statistics (after finishing a game) indicate points til victory
  • Points til victory are indicated at the right panel during the game
  • Changed point calculation in online game. If the opponent left the game and did not manage to make a move, you get the amount of points that you would get in a completed match or the maximum amount of points in the match.
  • Added shop button to the main menu.