Internet-Backgammon soon on AppStore

by 2kbgames

Our company is currently developing internet-backgammon for iPhone/iPad touch and iPad. We decided to work on this project when we realized that AppStore does not have a decent backgammon app with good graphics and easy controls where artificial intelligence could compete with a human in single player, and where one could quickly play a internet match against any other person on the planet.

We are paying special attention to the interface. Almost all backgammon games available on AppStore have problems with it. It gets quite frustrating when you can’t comfortably select a dice. The start of the game is overwhelming as well since you have to constantly enter various names and press a lot of buttons. In our game it is pretty easy to start the application by pressing just one button! And you instantly are able to play backgammon with an English professional. It’s great.

We believe that the best feature is the option to play the short (backgammon) games and the long (narde) games. These are two different game mechanics. In Russia people prefer the long narde games. Now you can do it online. I almost forgot, in our backgammon you can also communicate with other players, neat, isn’t it?

Keep following our news, soon on AppStore!