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Backgammon Masters: Holiday update 1.7.39 is here

Holidays are finally here and so is the new update for Backgammon Masters. This has been an interesting year as we have prepared a completely new and never before seen feature in game of backgammon – surprise chests that contain awesome decorations for your board, checkers, new dice and new emotes!

There will be various ways to acquire these chests. Right now you can try your hand at the weekly challenge, winners of which will be awarded with a chest.

In the year 2020 we look forward to further developing this system to make the game more customisable, unique and more fun to play. We believe the chests and sticker cards should add a new twist to the ancient game of backgammon and provide basis for more fun updates and cool events in the future.

Also, don’t miss out on our 50% gold discount special offer during the Holidays!

Change list for 1.7.39:
– Holidays and New Year is here! Let’s celebrate in a warm and cozy atmosphere.
– Try the new game mode – Weekly challenges! The idea of challenge is simple: winners get everything, losers get nothing. During the challenge for each 10 wins player gets a chest. What’s inside? Win and find out!
– Small changes in gallery section
– Added option to delete chat messages
– Bug fixes

Backgammon Online
Have a wonderful time during the Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.37

We are happy to reveal update 1.7.37!  We are holding a special event “Halloween” during which regular tournament winners will get a chest with a unique gift. From now on during each Holiday players will be able to win unique themed rewards just for the specific event. Players will be able to select the acquired stickers, dice and emotes to make their board and game more unique.
We also changed the background illustration for main menu and added a melody. We hope you’ll enjoy it!
There have also been several bug fixes which we received player complaints about.

  • Added a gallery section where players will be able to choose board and checker stickers, unique dice and emotes
  • Gallery will get filled with cards which players will find in reward chests
  • Event: Halloween! Regular tournament winner gets a chest which contains one of several holiday cards
  • Changed background image in main menu
  • Added background music in main menu
  • Added “Music” option in game settings to disable background music
  • Added option “Show stickers” during the game. Players who prefer a “clean board” can disable this option in right side panel during the game
  • Fixed bug upon entering game
  • Fixed logical bug which lead to freezing of game

Backgammon masters: update 1.7.36

Update 1.7.36 has been released! Now you can communicate with friends with no limitations and for free! A new chat tab “Friends” has been added where you can choose a friend to open a private chat channel with.
You wanted it? You got it! Now you can play with your friends for gold.
We will be implementing some very interesting changes to the game in the nearest future which you will definitely like.

Chat with friend

Change list for 1.7.36:

  • Fixed a logical error at the end of the game which didn’t allow match to finish
  • Added ability to play gold games with friends. In these games Elo and experience cannot be gained.
  • Chatting with a friend is now free. A “Friends” tab has been added in chat- Unfinished messages are saved
  • Improved news feed format with images and polls
  • Player profile has been redesigned with added avatar


Backgammon Masters update 1.7.29

We are happy to announce update 1.7.29. We listened to you, the players, and continued to improve the boards. This time the white board was improved. We are also aware that plenty of players prefer the default wooden board. This is why we added a separate option that allows you to always play on the default board. We also added a “bet locking” option, so you can be sure that you will always match opponents only at the selected bet. Full list of changes can be seen below. Enjoy the game!

Change list 1.7.29:

– Added “bet lock” option
– Added “Board numeration”
– Added “Wooden board by default” option
– Fixed bug upon backgammon win calculation
– Fixed bug upon bearing checkers off the board
– Updated the white board

Backgammon Masters update 1.7.26

We are pleased to announce a landmark update 1.7.26, which is about to change the game forever!

We have implemented an automatic opponent matchmaking system so you won’t have to choose with whom to play, but will be automatically given a random opponent.

You can still choose to play with a specific player, but only in friend games. In the nearest future we will add a levelling system. Follow our news and updates!

We removed boards from the shop, since now they are available to all the players and each bet has a corresponding board. The chosen bet is being reduced every 20 seconds to speed up matching with an opponent. You can vote on your favorite boards here.

We have also updated the chat to be full screen and include more text. From now on in chat each player is displayed with their avatar next to the message. We have also combined emotions and quick phrases in a single section as an additional tab in chat.

Previously quick phrases were not convenient to use, you had to open chat to read the message. Now quick phrases are displayed immediately next to the players avatar. We hope you will appreciate this update.

These are the major changes, full change list can be seen below. We are happy to work on this project and hope to release more exciting updates in the future.

Enjoy the game!

Change list 1.7.26:
– Implemented automatic opponent matchmaking
– Each bet now has an appropriate board
– Tournaments are now held on a different board
– Rematch in gold games against a single player is available only one time. Meaning
– Two players can play a gold game against each other only two consecutive times
– Level system has been abolished and starting Elo is now equal to 1500. Elo has been recalculated for each player
– Added option to invite a player to friends after a game
– Added sounds for emotes
– Chat has become full screen to make it easier to communicate
– Quick phrases and emotes are now on a single screen
– Disabled game chat between opponents in gold games and tournaments. Communicating with opponent is possible via quick phrases and emotes. If you want to have a chat with your opponent add them to friends, since chat is available in friend games
– Emotions and quick phrases now appear next to player’s avatar
– Removed boards from the shop. All boards are available to all players depending on the bet
– Added some new emoji
– Minor graphical changes
– Minor changes

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.19

New year brings new options to the game! Share fantastic emotes with your opponent! You can find emote button at the bottom left of the screen and choose the appropriate reaction. The emote button appears when tapping any place on the board. If you find emotes distracting you can turn them off in the option settings when sliding the game board to the left. We also added Holiday themed stickers to the tournament boards with plans to introduce collectable stickers in the future so players can personalise their game.

Change list for 1.7.19:

– Added Holiday theme!
– Added 6 amazing emotes! Share your feelings during the game with the opponent!
– Added wonderful stickers to boards during tournament games to reflect the Holiday spirit!
– Changed in-game system of storing graphical components
– Various small fixes

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.14

Dear players, to celebrate end of summer we offer a new way to play with friends. First of all, we have reworked the friend system. We removed the limit of friends a player can have. Now you can also view any ongoing games your friends are having. Friend list interface has also been improved. This is nothing magnificent in itself, but the feature had to be implemented as part of a greater plan.

From now on players won’t be able to play no-money games with unknown players, only with friends. In future updates we also plan on removing option to choose opponent in gold games instead having an auto-matching feature to find a suitable opponent. This way it will become much easier to start the game.

We also plan on adding something interesting for the projects anniversary.

Full change list:
– Updated interface
– Removed friend limits
– No-money games are available only between friends
– Ability to view ongoing friend games
– Friends can now be added via chat. It is also possible to send an invitation link to a friend and receive coins as a reward
– Bug fixes

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.12

Update 1.7.12 includes new dice animation and also fixes in boards. We have completed the intended plans in regards to dice change. We also improved stability of the server. There will be lots of new and interesting features in the future. Stay with us!

Change list for 1.7.12:

– Changed dice roll animation
– Changed system when waiting for tour to start. Now player awaits for opponent in the board screen
– Tourney prize winners get reward instantly
– Fixed bugs with boards

Backgammon Masters: update 1.7.11

Today we released a minor update 1.7.11. In this update we added new medals for each tournament type. From now on player’s profile will display medals for win in each tournament type. We also fixed bug in shop which lead to gold not being credited in certain cases. Expect to see lots of new and interesting features in the nearest future!

Change list:
– Added new tournament medals
– Added medal display in player’s profile
– Removed “City” field on profile
– Fixed bugs in the shop
– Fixed minor bugs